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Years of Experience

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How I Am Different

EDM Specialist

Through all these years, I have been mixing and mastering a variety of genres and style, but I specialize in EDM, electronic dance music, and it has been in the center of my focus, always analyzing new tracks that come out of biggest labels and names, trying to meet the standards of the industry.

Producing Background

It is well known that a great mixing engineering is better to have production background as well. Especialy relevant, I have been ghost producing different EDM styles and I have produced, mixed, and mastered hundreds of tracks for years and I am totally aware of what goes on inside an EDM track and what makes it sound better.

6 FREE Services!

When you order mixing, you will receive these services for free: mastering, iTunes mastering, Spotify mastering, free instrumental version, free acapella version, and free multitrack version; also by ordering mastering, you will receive these services for free: iTunes mastering and Spotify mastering.

Give Yourself a Fresh Pair of Ears.

Do not let ear fatigue ruin your beautiful production.

Why Me


Vast Experience

I am a long time EDM producer, and mixing and mastering engineer who have produced and mixed and mastered hundreds of tracks, so I know the A to Z of an EDM track and how it must sound.


No Hidden Fees

The pricing is flat and you will not be charged for anything unclear.


Maximum Quality

A lot of the tracks I have mixed and mastered as a ghost producer have been supported and played by the best DJs around the world and also signed to the biggest labels. Now it’s your turn.


All The Rights

You will be the sole holder of all the rights of your track after it is mixed and mastered.


Promised Delivery

I always keep my promise about delivery date and never break it ever. I need 7 days for mixing, and 2 days for mastering. Of course I may deliver even sooner, but never late.


24/7 Support

You can call me on my phone, send me a message on Whatsapp, or send an E-mail!


Affordable Pricing

Starting from $199 for mixing, $125 for stem mastering, and $99 for stereo mastering lets everyone interested in sounding better have the opportunity and reach his or her deserved quality.


Bonus Versions

You will receive free iTunes and Spotify mastering, and other free versions

What You Get

24 bit / 96 KHz Mixed Wave File
FREE 24 bit / 96 KHz Mastered Wave Version .
FREE 16 bit / 48 KHz Mastered Wave Version
FREE 16 bit / 48 KHz Mastered MP3 Version
FREE Mixed & Mastered Instrumental Version
FREE Mixed & Mastered Acapella Version
FREE Mixed Multitrack Version
FREE iTunes Mastering
FREE Spotify Mastering
FREE Music Production Guidelines PDF

Your Track Can Sound Better.

After studying and analyzing your track, my mixing and mastering will make it shine among the competition.

Why Ordering Mixing & Mastering

A great track consists of a great composition, production, mixing and mastering. A good melody in a well-produced track still needs good mixing and mastering to sound great. When you produce a track, you spend a lot of time on it and your ears hear each element of the track a hundred times and they become used to it. This makes critical listening by the producer so difficult as he cannot recognize the mixing issues in the track very well, or even if he finds them, he may ignore them due to the fatigue. Also he needs a different good set of speakers to be able to hear probable problems of the track. A comprehensive knowledge and experience of mixing and mastering is also required to be able to do the job well. To these also add time, energy, and money needed.

So it is very reasonable to let a professional mixing and mastering engineer who has a lot of experience do the job for you. Besides mixing and mastering knowledge and experience, he also has time, energy, gears, good speakers, and most important than all, a fresh pair of ears which are trained for this job. So you should focus on producing the best track you can and let the mixing and mastering engineer make it sound the best it can.

Benefits of Hiring a Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Getting Signed

A high quality standard sounding track has much more chance to get signed to top labels, and getting signed to a decent label brings with itself contacts, collaborations, residency, and success in general.

Getting Support

For sure, big name DJs choose great sounding tracks for their radio-shows or gigs. Therefore, If great DJs choose your tracks, you will have more chance to release your next tracks on their labels.

More Fans

People love to hear clean and beautifully mixed tracks. So grow your fan base by offering people great sounding tracks, something with great dynamics, which they can play over and over again.

Ready to Take a Big Professional Step?

You should hire a mix and mastering engineer if you really want to be successful in your career because a great mixing and mastering can help a track become a hit. An EDM star must release only high quality track with great mixing and mastering.
You spent a lot of time producing a great track; so do not let a mediocre mix ruin it. Act professional and let a professional mixing and mastering engineer take care of the way your track should sound.