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I started producing electronic dance music in 2008. I began with Trance and after releasing many tracks in various labels and being supported by big name Trance DJs, I decided to do ghost producing, so I started producing all other genres as well. Since 2014 I have been a prolific ghost producer, and mixing and mastering engineer. Recently, my love for mixing and mastering has gone too much and they are in the center of my concentration at the moment.

Through all these years I have been studying and learning by watching videos, reading books, taking courses, and of course, practicing and experimenting every day, and because I have been doing serious job as a ghost producer for other people, I must have been very good at my job so that they could release and play their tracks with confidence.

I also have the privilege of working in a recording and studio gear shop, which lets me be familiar and updated with the latest products and technologies. For example, I have been lucky enough to listen to all the monitoring speakers that exist in the market and check my tracks, mixes, and mastering session in them.

I love to mix and master tracks, I love tweaking knobs, and I love making your track sound the best it can. I love this job and I am always evolving and keeping myself updated, trying to be as creative as possible to deliver the best quality to my clients.

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